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Cleansing is a lifestyle

The body is in a continual process of detoxification, it never stops. The liver, lungs, kidneys, colon, lymph and skin are constantly working to remove metabolic toxins, which are produced within the body, and environmental toxins, from the outside world. Every cell in the body takes in nutrients and releases byproducts. If this cycle didn’t happen there would be no growth, no healing, no life. Detoxification is a natural part of life and helping the body achieve this balance is one of the most important processes you can do for your health.

Making cleansing a lifestyle is not as difficult as you might think. Small changes lead to big results, so here are my top 3 starter tips:

  1. Eat whole foods – Make it a priority to buy fresh, unadulterated, unpackaged foods, preferably from a market or grocer. Fruit and vegetables that are fresh, in season and vary in colour and flavour is a simple step towards good health.
  2. Eat mostly vegetarian – Plant based foods that are high water content should make up the majority of your diet. That means lots of juicy fruit, green leafy veggies, multicoloured root vegetables and sprouts. It’s fine to follow a paleo or ketosis diet, which includes high animal protein, but make sure red meat is kept to a minimum and there are enough alkaline vegetables to balance out the acids that are formed with heavy protein. If you decide to eat animal products ensure they come from reputable sources and organic where possible.
  3. Don’t overeat – Never eat to the point of feeling really full. You should feel comfortable and satisfied after a meal but still feel like you have a little room for more. The stomach can only digest a certain amount of food at one time and the intestines are not designed to process large amounts of food at once. The benefits of reducing portion size is well documented, not only for weight loss but to manage other chronic health conditions like diabetes.

Once you have these 3 steps underway, you can begin to refine even further.

  1. Invest in a water filter – There are some really good water filtration products on the market ranging in price and function. From a simple jug to a whole house system, once you try filtered water it’s hard to go back. Here at the clinic, we have a double water filter in the back of our colonic irrigation machines that are replaced every 4-6 months. I see first hand the amount of rust and other residue that comes in through the water pipes and filtered through our machines. It’s shocking.
  2. Whole food supplements – Synthetic supplements are a thing of the past. Today we have some absolutely amazing supplements sourced from whole foods: sea vegetables, algae, medicinal mushrooms, superfoods, herbs, etc. I’m often asked, “can’t we get all our nutrition from foods?”. Possibly…but probably not. With the lack of nutrients in the soil, food travel distance and the increasing environmental toxic overload we are facing, I believe we need extra nutrition and antioxidants.
  3. Regular exercise – We all know how important exercise is for the heart and arteries but we forget that the movement of skeletal muscle also aids the circulation of lymphatic fluid through the lymphatic system. It’s a very important system, filtering out toxins and transporting white blood cells around the body, but often it gets hardened and clogged from reduced circulation. Regular exercise, even just walking, keeps the muscles active and the fluids circulating in the body.

Taking it to the next level, my favourite part of the cleansing lifestyle.

  1. Colonic irrigation/hydrotherapy – When I say colonics saved my life, I’m not kidding. Years of severe digestive problems dating back to childhood and a diet high in processed sugar, wheat and dairy left me tired, sick and depressed. It’s surprising how much the body can take…until it doesn’t. At 24 years old I had my first colonic treatment and I knew it would be the turning point in my health. This treatment works and we see the long term transformations our clients make to their body and mind when they are committed to the cleansing lifestyle.
  2. Infrared sauna – An infrared sauna is a very different experience to a regular gym sauna. It’s not just about sweating when it comes to an infrared sauna, it’s more about the therapeutic effect of the heat energy on circulation, metabolism, immunity and skin function. It’s also extremely relaxing and rejuvenating.
  3. Fasting – There are so many ways to reap the benefits of intermittent fasting. Extensive studies have shown the benefits of food restriction on practically every aspect of human health. Finding what feels right for you is the key. There’s the 5:2 method of eating only 500 calories on the “fasting days”. The Fit For Life method of not eating till 12pm everyday(which is what I do) or simply fasting for 1-5 days periodically. There are many different approaches and because everyone has a different bio-rhythm and lifestyle, finding what works for you is important. If you can be disciplined, you will get results.
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