The movement of food through the digestive system, also known as transit time, should be about 24 hours. That means it should only take 24 hours for the food you eat to make its way through the digestive tract and out of your body. Any longer than this indicates you might be constipated.

The colon is a muscular tube about 6 ft long that absorbs water, synthesises nutrients and moves waste out of the body. It works in a wave-like motion called ‘peristalsis’ and this action of contracting and relaxing is important in producing regular bowel movements. If the muscle isn’t contracting and relaxing properly the colon becomes ‘lazy’ and waste can build up and harden. Constipation can go on for years before you notice any issues, but if left untreated it can lead to more serious health issues.

Although genetic factors and hormones play a role in constipation, most issues start with diet and lifestyle. Our digestive system is not designed to handle large amounts of processed foods that lack fibre and micronutrients. If you eat animal products your transit time is especially important. Meat and dairy products begin to putrefy in the colon if not eliminated within 24-36 hours. Dehydration, lack of exercise, stress and poor sleep can deplete energy reserves, making constipation worse. Longterm use of laxatives and antibiotics can disrupt the normal function of the colon causing dependancy and dysfunction.

Colon hydrotherapy can treat and reverse constipation by softening and removing accumulated waste from the colon. Warm, filtered water gently but thoroughly makes its way around the colon, breaking down hardened waste and removing it from the body. As the colon becomes clear and clean of debris, the muscle begins to strengthen and the peristaltic action starts to normalise.

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