Infusions are 100% natural, liquid solutions introduced into the colon after a series of colonics. A small amount of liquid is held in the colon for about 10-15 minutes to promote healing of the gut tissue, reduce inflammation and detoxify the liver. For the infusion to be effective the colon wall should be clean, therefore we recommend a minimum of 3 colonic sessions before an infusion.


The organic coffee infusion is our most popular. When caffeine is introduced into the colon it has a cleansing effect on the liver. Unfortunately drinking coffee does not have the same effect. In the colon caffeine is absorbed through the hepatic portal vein and delivered directly to the liver where it opens bile ducts and encourages elimination of toxins.


The herbal infusion acts in a similar way to the coffee infusion but without the caffeine. We use herbal formulations specifically designed to reduce inflammation, heal and soothe the intestinal tissue and stimulate the liver.


The probiotic infusion is for people who have struggled with candida or other types of dysbiosis, or have a history of antibiotic use. It can help to repair damaged intestinal tissue and leaky gut.