Utilising the healing power of nature is one of the core principles of naturopathy. Given the right tools and conditions the body can heal itself. This is why it’s important to find the underlying causes of any dysfunction, as well as treating the symptoms. The body works as an integrated whole and many factors contribute to good health: diet, lifestyle, exercise, mental health and genetic factors all play a role in wellbeing. Your naturopath considers all these factors when finding solutions to your health issues.

Here at Cleanse we specialise in detoxification and digestive disorders. Our naturopathic or nutrition assessments are complimentary with our colonic irrigation treatments. Knowing your health history and health goals helps us understand your specific needs and treatment requirements.

Our belief is that a balanced, well functioning digestive system is the foundation of health and fitness. Your diet and lifestyle will either build your health or deplete it. Our emphasis is on correcting the diet, addressing allergies and providing nutritional support.