Whole Body Cleansing Programs

Cleansing programs

Whether it’s your first cleanse or you’re familiar with the cleansing process, our 3 or 5 day whole body cleansing programs are designed to be simple and effective. Each modality works on a different yet connected system in the body:

  • colon hydrotherapy for the digestive system.
  • infrared sauna for the lymphatic system and skin.
  • bowel infusion tailored to your specific digestive needs.
  • superfood supplement to support liver function.
  • probiotics to balance microbiome.
  • cleansing diet to follow for best results.

You can also add on a session in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber for deep healing and rejuvenation.

Why is cleansing so important?

The body is continuously preserving health by metabolising and eliminating toxins. If the organs are functioning as they should be, toxins will be processed and eliminated through the correct eliminative channels – liver, colon, kidneys, lungs, skin, lymphatic system. If these organs are overloaded and under-functioning the detoxification process slows down, potentially leading to symptoms such as constipation, bloating, acne, weight gain, fatigue, headaches.

Think about all the chemicals we are exposed to daily in our food, water and air as well as the products we use on our skin and hair – hundreds of harmful toxins. On top of this we are bombarded with electromagnetic pollution from our computers, tablets and mobile phones. We really do live in a toxic world but we can protect ourselves through regular detoxification programs.

Radiant wellbeing and vitality starts with a healthy digestive system. A clean internal environment sets up the right conditions for a balanced microbiome, building a strong immune system and allowing the body to repair and renew.



What’s included?

3 day – $345 or 5 day – $495

    • naturopathic/nutrition assessment
    • daily colonic
    • daily infrared sauna
    • 1 bowel infusion
    • superfood supplement
    • probiotics

Add on hyperbaric oxygen therapy 60 minutes – $60