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When you’re considering colon hydrotherapy, feeling comfortable and confident with your therapist is important.

Our highly qualified and experienced practitioners are able to guide you through each step in a professional and friendly way, giving you the right advice about cleansing and detoxification.

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What We Do

C Colonic irrigation, also known as colon hydrotherapy, is a safe and effective method of cleansing and hydrating the colon using warm, purified water.

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I Infusions or enemas are natural, liquid solutions introduced into the colon after a series of regular colonics. A small amount of liquid is held in the colon for about 10-15 minutes to promote healing, reduce inflammation and detoxify the liver.

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T The fundamental principle of naturopathy is that nature can heal. Given the right conditions – correct diet, key nutrients, pure water, positive mindset and a healthy, stress managed lifestyle – the body is strengthened to allow self healing.

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S Saunas have a long history of use in healing, relaxation and rejuvenation, making them one of the oldest health modalities known. Heating the body stimulates circulation of blood and lymph through the body, nourishing and cleansing every cell. In the natural sweating process pores are cleared and toxins are eliminated.

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D Detoxification is an essential process for maintaining a healthy body and mind. We are constantly exposed to chemicals in our food, water and air as well as the products we use on our skin and hair

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What We Treat

" "Every organ, gland and cell in the body is affected by the condition of the colon " - Norman W Walker


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We’re delighted to announce that we are adding a new service to our clinic – Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. How does hyperbaric oxygen therapy work? Hyperbaric oxygen therapy(HBOT) uses the...

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The body is in a continual process of detoxification, it never stops. The liver, lungs, kidneys, colon, lymph and skin are constantly working to remove metabolic toxins, which are produced...

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The relationship between the health of your colon and the health of your body is very real. Colonoscopy pictures show how the condition of the colon in people with serious...

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