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The relaxing health practice with big benefits.

When it comes to health, often it’s the simple strategies done regularly that have the most impact. The health benefits may not always show up in immediately but little health practices done frequently produce significant long term results. Infrared saunas definitely come into this category. Exposure to periodic high temperatures has been shown to increases physical endurance that improves overall fitness performance and wellbeing.

Far-infrared saunas not only heat and relax the body but are particularly useful for cellular detoxification. By heating body tissue several inches deep, infrared heat triggers the release of toxins from cells, stimulates circulation of blood and lymph and promotes oxygenation.

Raising core body temperature creates a period of physiological stress, even though it can feel incredibly relaxing. This process activates pathways in the body that strengthens mitochondrial activity. The mitochondria are responsible for providing energy to the organism and also serve as important signalling mechanisms that help regulate gene expression. The mitochondria control apoptosis(programmed cell death) which is crucial in keeping cancer cells in control. Near-infrared heat, which you get in our Sunlighten M-pulse sauna, has the added benefit of stimulating chromophores – light sensitive molecules in the mitochondria that actually absorb light to produce energy. Light is a source of energy for the cells of the body and when the skin is exposed to near-infrared light, overall energy and vitality increases.

Research shows significant brain enhancing benefits from regular periods of increased heat on the body. These include the regulation of blood pressure, increased circulation and stress management. Recent studies have shown that saunas increase levels of prolactin, which is associated with myelin growth and helps brain function and repair. Furthermore, there is evidence showing a link between periodic heat stress and brain-derived neurotrophic factor which activates brain stem cells in the production of new neurons.

Infrared saunas stimulate the production of particular hormones that play a role in human growth, health and longevity. In a study undertaken back in 1986, participants had 2 x 1 hour sauna for 7 days and results showed a 16-fold increase in the amount of growth hormone produced. Although this study seems extreme, and most of us would not have 2 x 1 hour saunas daily, the researchers were looking for strong links over a short time frame. The increase in growth hormone generally persist for a few hours post-sauna. It is also important to note that when heat and exercise are combined, they induce a synergistic increase in growth hormone. 

Want more info? Check out Dr. Berg’s video.


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