June 21, 2022, News

Poisons in your perfume? Introducing Vescense.

I’m going to tell you why I don’t use perfume and why you shouldn’t either. If you care about your health, you’re going to be shocked with the details I’m about to expose regarding the high end fragrance industry. This million dollar industry has been trying to hide a dirty secret – that there are poisons in your perfume. You’re not going to want to hear this because you like having your favourite fragrance, how it makes you feel, the stylish bottle in your bathroom, the marketing hype. But the reality is, one-third of the population experiences side effects from these products. 

Why is it that so many people experience headaches, respiratory symptoms and skin irritation after wearing perfume? I started looking into the reasons why this might be happening to my clients and I was stunned to discover that perfumes can be made with thousands of synthetic chemicals. ‘Fragrance’ is a general term for whatever ‘secret ingredient’ manufacturers want to add. ‘Fragrance’ listed in the ingredients is considered a ‘trade secret’, and because of that companies are protected from having to disclose every chemical, even to regulators. Believe it or not, the fragrance industry is largely self regulated and fragrance secrecy is legal. Unlike other cosmetic ingredients that have to be labeled, fragrances are exempt. Consumers have been kept in the dark about chemicals that potentially pose health risks, with more than 1200 fragrance chemicals having been flagged as a potential concern. 

Safe Cosmetics representatives say that no U.S state, federal or global authority is regulating the safety of fragrances and they don’t they keep record of the types of chemicals being used. The unfortunate truth is that a lot of the chemicals used in perfumes are linked to a variety of health issues, many of them known to be allergens, hormone disruptors, neurotoxins, and even carcinogens. Sadly, there are more chemicals in perfume than in cigarette smoke and second-hand scent is fast becoming the new second-hand smoke. Life is full of risks and there’s no doubt we live in a toxic world. Ultimately we have to make choices that limit the kinds of risks we are exposed to. Chemical laden perfume does not have to be one of them.

Vescense is a toxin free fragrance company with a revolutionary idea to make you and the planet healthier. These naturally derived, cruelty free body mists use four distinct functional fragrances to uplift or ground you depending on what you need. They also use recycled ocean plastics in their packaging to help clean the oceans. For more info or to purchase check out https://vescense.com

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