Skin Conditions


As the largest organ of the body, the skin functions in many important ways. It prevents the loss of bodily fluids and acts as a barrier to microbes and pathogens. It has receptors to heat, cold and pain which send signals to protect us from the outside world. The skin also synthesises Vitamin D3 in response to sunlight exposure. Healthy, clear skin indicates a well balanced and clean system.

Eczema, psoriasis and acne

Skin conditions can be triggered by a variety of reasons and these will vary between each person. Eczema, psoriasis and acne conditions require individually tailored cleansing and diet programs to meet your specific needs. The key issues we look at are: allergies, food intolerances, acid-alkaline balance, hormonal regulation, bowel function, toxicity levels and candida overgrowth. The initial phase of healing any skin condition is cleansing the digestive and lymphatic systems. This clears the channels for better absorption of nutrients and elimination of waste products.

Liver and skin connection

The liver-skin connection is an important factor when dealing with skin disorders. The liver removes toxins from the bloodstream to be eliminated from the body. However if the liver is overloaded, inflamed or fatty, the breakdown of toxins and metabolic waste is reduced and forced towards the skin for elimination. We use a combination of colon irrigation, coffee infusions and herbal remedies to cleanse and rebuild the liver.

Toxic colon

Think of the colon as the body’s rubbish bin which needs to be emptied regularly. If it isn’t, the rubbish piles up and overflows. This is how ‘autointoxication’ occurs. Autointoxication is the process of self-poisoning, which happens when waste products are not effectively removed from the body. Instead they reabsorbed back into the bloodstream, having to find another path of elimination. This is a contributing factor to many skin issues.

Certain disorders such as constipation, diarrhea, IBS, inflammatory bowel disease and bacterial dysbiosis can cause the colon to become damaged and unable to function properly. You may also be experiencing other symptoms – lack of energy, tiredness, irritability, sinus problems or frequent and persistent illnesses. These are all signs that the body is in need of cleansing.

Healthy, radiant skin begins with a clean, well functioning digestive system. Cleansing the body will aid the removal of waste and toxins, enabling better uptake of nutrients and allowing the system to rebuild and rejuvenate. Combined with a balanced diet, key supplements, pure water and exercise, the texture of the skin will refine and you will begin to glow.

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