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Candida albicans is a type of fungal infection that belongs to the yeast family. Normally it causes no harm, being kept in check by the immune system, intestinal pH and the ‘army’ of good bacteria. However, if the body’s defences become compromised candida can overgrow and cause noticeable symptoms. These include bloating, constipation, IBS, fatigue, thrush, urinary tract infections, skin problems, foggy thinking, depression. Adjusting the diet and strengthening the immune system is essential in any anti-candida program. Specific herbs and vitamins can also be very effective in treating candida infections. Colon cleansing is especially useful where constipation, diarrhea or IBS is occurring due to candida.


Gas is a normal part of digestion, but when it is excessive and uncomfortable, it’s a sign of digestive imbalance. Gas can be a product of fermentation in the gut. Often this occurs with wrong food combinations, food intolerances and overeating. The stomach has a limited capacity and excessive and repetitive overeating will eventually overburden the stomach and small intestine, leading to gas. Candida overgrowth and parasitic infections can also cause gas. Some types of bacteria will produce an excessive amount of gas, especially straight after eating. Getting rid of gas begins with cleansing the colon to remove built up waste, bad bacteria and parasites. Dietary and lifestyle adjustments as well as the right type of probiotics are important to restore balance to the microbiome.

Weight Loss

We have many personal trainers who send their clients to us before they begin their training programs. This is because they know that gut health is fundamental to weight loss. If you’re not seeing results with your diet and exercise programs, you may need to look at your gut health. Weight loss happens when a number of different factors come together – nutrition, hydration, exercise, hormone balance, stress reduction, sleep quality – but cleansing is often overlooked. When your body is clean on the inside, your fitness will be easier to achieve and you’ll be amazed at how much quicker weight loss is. Infrared saunas are known to boost the metabolism and increase the release human growth hormone as well encouraging lymphatic drainage, all of which will help to kickstart weight loss.


Tiredness can strike for a number of reasons – long term physical or emotional stress, adrenal burnout, not enough exercise, being overweight, food intolerances, allergies or an unhealthy liver. In conjunction with stress factors, we have found many clients who are chronically tired are eating too many processed foods and not enough raw, fresh, whole fruits and vegetables. The liver is overworked and toxic, and that is having a direct impact on the immune system. We actually are what we eat. Literally the food we consume turns into the building blocks of our cells, so if we are eating and drinking foods that have no vitality, no life-force, it’s easy to see how we might be tired. As with all our therapy, we begin by cleansing the digestive and lymphatic system, establishing the correct nutrition and addressing lifestyle.

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