DNA Testing

We partner with Nutripath Integrative Pathology to bring you a comprehensive DNA health report. We will interpret your results and help you understand important aspects of your health. This test covers an extensive 92 genes and 113 SNP’s across the following categories:

Test Benefits

  • One test, once in a lifetime, with your unique DNA fingerprint.
  • Get to the root of health issues.
  • Preventative and proactive health care.
  • Individually tailored management plan to maximise health outcomes.


Ready to get started? Just follow these simple steps.

  1. Call us on 03 9819 9556 to purchase your test kit ($649)
  2. Your kit will arrive within a few days.
  3. Send the kit back in the prepaid envelope.
  4. We will contact you when the results arrive.
  5. Book your consultation to discuss results and recommendations (1.5-2 hours)