October 19, 2015, Information

3 big reasons to love beetroot

Beetroot contains an array of powerful nutrients which have been shown to provide high antioxidant activity, anti-inflammatory action and detoxification support. As well as being delicious in salads and juices, beetroot is one of the healthiest vegetables we can eat. The healing properties of beetroot are most effective in the raw, uncooked state – juiced or shredded. But you can still get health benefits when steamed or roasted, just not for too long. Shorter cooking time will ensure most of the nutrients are kept intact.

Beetroot is high in good quality fibre. Unlike other ‘junk’ fibres – wheat or psyllium – which can irritate the intestine and cause blockages in people that are prone to digestive disorders, beetroot has a nutritive fibre that moves through the system smoothly and easily.

1. Detoxifies the liver

The betalains found in beetroot have been shown to trigger glutathione S-transferase enzymes. Glutathione is important in the linking phase of detoxification in the body where waste and toxic substances are made water soluble for excretion. Beetroot is also a hepato-protective, which means it defends the liver and bile ducts agains toxins and pathogens.

2. Reduces blood pressure

Certain nitrates in beetroot juice have been shown to produce blood pressure lowering effects. In fact you only need 250mL of the juice to achieve this effect. In the body, nitrate converts to nitric oxide, which dilates and relaxes blood vessels.

3. Effects on the brain

In a recent study, researchers asked participants to fast for 10 hours and then report to the lab for breakfast. The subjects were given 2 different breakfasts. One included 450ml of beetroot juice. An hour later a magnetic resonance image (MRI) was used to track blood flow in the subject’s brains. The MRI showed that after having the beetroot juice there was an increase in blood circulation to the frontal lobes of the brain. These are the areas of the brain associated with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

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