April 28, 2017, Information

6 signs it’s time to detox

When it’s time to detox the body lets us know. From subtle signs like an inability to get going in the morning to more serious conditions like fatty liver, here are six signs that tell you it’s time to clean up.

1. Indigestion, bloating, gas and constipation are all signs that your liver is in need of help and that you may not be producing enough bile. Chinese medicine refers to this as ‘liver chi’ stagnation. When the liver is overburdened we start feeling sluggish, nauseous(especially after fatty foods), gassy and bloated. Everything slows down, including our metabolism.

2. Bad breath, body odour and bags under the eyes are all give aways that it’s time to cleanse. Bad breath can come from blocked up intestines purifying with meat and dairy products. The digestive tract is one long tube with digestive organs attached to it, so if something is happening in one area, it may be felt, or smelt in another area. Body odour is a similar concept in that waste products that are not able to exit the body through the proper channels of elimination find a way out through the sweat glands. Dark bags under the eyes can indicate both colon and kidney issues. Usually brownish deep bags will mean your colon is under functioning and good bacteria is diminishing, blueish bags just under the lower lid can indicate your kidneys aren’t fully filtering.

3. Tired, so tired. I remember before I started cleansing, I was tired ALL THE TIME, and I looked tired too. When we carry around garbage in our intestines, which constantly reabsorbs back into the bloodstream, the liver, kidneys and lymphatic system have to work overtime. Imagine wheeling around your rubbish bin day in day out, constantly filling it up but not emptying it properly..you’d be tired too.

4. Reduced tolerance to alcohol. Again this has to do with liver function. If the liver is already overworking from processed food, soft drink, medications, lack of water, lack of exercise, etc it won’t be able to break down alcohol effectively. Hangovers may be a lot worse the next day.

5. Believe it or not, PMT is a sign that you need to cleanse and can be eliminated if not reduced after a detox. Staying away from sugar is number one when it comes to regulating hormones, as well as making sure you are getting enough essential fatty acids. I like to use hormone regulating herbs during the cleanse if PMT is a problem.

6. Sugar cravings mean you need to clean up your body and your diet. Often high candida levels stimulate the urge for sugar. Yep, candida lives on sugar and processed carbs, so that makes sense.

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