May 17, 2011, Reviews

AFA-a new benchmark for green superfoods.

Green superfoods are important for optimum health. The nutrition gained from these dense green foods, such as spirulina, chlorella, wheat grass, barley grass, alfalfa is unparalleled in its ability to alkalise, cleanse, chelate, repair and support the body.

I have been using green superfoods for years and im always on the look out for new, innovative products that are organic, easy to take and provide superior nutrition and value.

AFA or Aphanizomenon Floss Aquae is a wild harvested water botanical considered by renowned health authorities to be one of natures most beneficial foods.

It provides over 100 easily absorbed vitamins, minerals, essential fats, amino acids and phytonutrients and contains more bio-active chlorophyll than any other known green food.

The first thing i noticed about AFA is its unique crystal like structure and amazing blue-green colour. The taste is mild, compared to other green superfoods and its effects are huge. I rarely say any food gives you an instant effect but this one comes pretty close.

This may be in part due to its bio-available chlorophyll, meaning the body can assimilate the nutrients easily and quickly, unlike synthetic vitamins. For example when magnesium is delivered to the body chelated(bound to) chlorophyll it is especially easy to absorb.

AFA is rich in protein, minerals and amino acids, making it great for building and repairing cells and tissue. Its blue pigment protects the body against various toxic substances and has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

The other standout attribute is that AFA contains 3% nucleic acids, rarely seen in other foods, that are responsible for growth and regeneration, strengthen immunity, stimulate memory, reverse genetic damage and reduce stress…wow!

As with all natural foods and nutrients you need to be diligent, taking the right amount consistently to experience maximum benefit. Don’t forget other aspects of your well- being like exercise, relaxation, pure water, fresh foods as it all works together to build a strong, resilient, healthy body and mind.

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