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All disease begins in the Colon

There is a saying in naturopathy, ‘all disease begins in the colon’. From headaches, skin problems, chronic fatigue and IBS, the colon is either our ally or enemy when it comes to our health. The colon is a flexible muscular tube about 1.5 meters long and 5cm wide, it functions in the final stage of digestion, absorbing water and evacuating wastes from the body. A healthy colon also synthesises key B vitamins and houses beneficial bacteria crucial to the immune system.

When the colon is not functioning optimally, waste accumulates and toxins are not eliminated. Instead they penetrate back into the blood stream, a process known as autointoxication. Many processed foods we eat – meat, dairy, sugar, white flours, produce mucus secretions from the intestines that cause the stool to harden and adhere to the intestinal wall. Food that is not properly chewed or not fully digested, ferments and decays as it remains in the large intestine. This becomes, what is known as, a mucoid plaque. Unbelievably waste that accumulates in the colon can weigh between 5-10 kg! The mucoid plaque is the perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria and parasites.

Colonic irrigation aka colon hydrotherapy is a safe and effective method to cleanse the colon of accumulated waste and mucoid plaque. Though that may sound unpleasant and painful, the procedure is far from that. In fact some have described the experience as relaxing. Most of our clients are delighted and surprised with the results they get from a series of treatments.

Colonic hydrotherapy is a necessary tool in keeping healthy due to the nature of modern lifestyle. Toxins from pollution, metabolic waste and junk foods, accumulate in the body over the years, making bowel movements irregular or incomplete. Stress, high gluten and dairy diets, high caffeine and soft drink consumption, lack of sleep and lack of water are also contributing factors.

Below is an outline of the procedure how it works. Our therapists are fully qualified and dedicated to your wellbeing. We endeavour to make every treatment a relaxed experience.

What’s Involved In A Colonic Irrigation?
The procedure is very simple and straightforward. Your therapist will consult with you first, making sure all areas of your health are discussed. We focus on nutrition, lifestyle and key supplements. If there are no contraindications, we proceed to the treatment. Our therapists do not ever touch you during a session. The small tube is self-inserted and you are fully covered at all times. The water is warmed, purified and the pressure is gentle yet effective.

How Long Does The Procedure Take and how many will I need?
The irrigation will take 45 minutes. Your initial session also includes a naturopathic assessment so we recommend allowing 1.5 hours in total. Every client starts with 3 treatments over 7-10 days. The number of sessions required will vary from person to person depending on age, fitness and current health. Further treatments may be required for more serious health problems. We will discuss this in detail on your first consultation.

What Are The Ongoing Benefits?
The first thing our clients notice is glowing skin. Everything that happens externally is an indicator of what’s going on internally. When you cleanse your insides your skin starts to refine and smooth and natural colour returns. We have great success in treating psoriasis, eczema and acne. Diet and lifestyle are also important factors in treating these conditions and we will make sure you have a handle on that.  After a series of treatments you will notice an increase in energy. Fatigue will be lessened and you will experience sustained energy throughout the day. Digestive disturbances will be reduced, including IBS, constipation and inflammatory conditions. You will feel lighter, less bloated and mentally clear. Most of our clients say they have a renewed sense of wellbeing and are more motivated to stay on the path of clean living.

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