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Colon cleansing for health and vitality

The colon, or large intestine has an important role in the health of our body. The condition of this organ contributes to the function of every other body system and consequently dictates our overall health and vitality. A colon built up with toxins and accumulated waste is perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria and parasites. These toxins reabsorb back into the blood stream putting pressure on other organs such as the liver, kidneys and skin. When the colon is impacted with hardened waste, its muscular action(peristalsis) is impaired. Constipation, IBS and other disorders can result, and left untreated may eventually lead to more serious digestive conditions.

One of the primary functions of the colon is to reabsorb water. If we don’t drink enough water the intestinal canal blocks causing bloating and distortion. A diet high in processed food, which lacks enzymes, nutrients and moisture contributes to this problem. The colon becomes hardened and encrusted and prevents nutrients from being absorbed through the intestinal wall. Often people are eating too much but are still undernourished. Overeating and under chewing puts a real strain on the digestive system. If food is not chewed it enters the small intestine partially broken down, requiring a huge surge of digestive enzymes and bacteria in an attempt to digest it. Then it passes into the colon where it is more likely to clog the canal. Salivary amylase begins the digestive process in the mouth and signals the other organs to prepare for food. Peristalsis actually starts by chewing.

Most people require colon cleansing, some more, some less, depending on age, lifestyle, diet and water intake. The typical diet of meat, dairy and refined grains often results in a sluggish colon. Incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables along with juices, green smoothies and super foods will begin the process of turing this around but often it is the hardened waste matter that stays. This is where colonic irrigation or colon cleansing can be of immense value. In a colonic irrigation treatment water flows into the colon to soften and loosen waste which is then expelled. It is a gentle yet thorough procedure which aids digestive disorders and related conditions. Signs of a toxic colon include irritable bowel syndrome, constipation or diarrhoea. Chronic health problems such as fatigue, acne, psoriasis, eczema, allergies, migraines, urinary tract infections.

Good bacteria within our intestine are essential for proper digestion, synthesis of key vitamins and immune function. Often the balance of good to bad bacteria can be disrupted and overgrowth of fungus and parasites can take over. Bad bacteria flourishes in areas of accumulated waste and can be the cause of many digestive disturbances and allergies. Friendly bacteria on the other hand supports digestion, deactivates pollutants and pathogens and boosts immune activity. Good bacteria will proliferate in a clean colon where they can adhere to the bowel wall and perform their protective function. Colonic irrigation helps to restore the proper ratio of good bacteria by removing colonies of bad bacteria and parasites. Once the system has been cleared of the debris that feeds bad bacteria, good bacteria will reestablish balance.

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