June 19, 2013, Information

Don Tolman-Basecamp for Health

Don Tolman is back in Australia promoting his Basecamp for Health event. It will be an amazing journey for those who are ready for transformation. www.fortuneevents.com/basecamp.

I attended Don’s lecture a couple of weeks ago and thought I’d share his 7 Principles of Health. He is a fantastic speaker and I urge anyone who is interested in breaking the cycle of disease and medication to take a look at his research and philosophy.

Here is a basic start;

1. AIR: Clean, flowing air is hugely important to our health. Particularly the movement of air. Don believes, if you are working indoors with air-conditioning or heating, get outside into the fresh air for 5 minutes every hour. Install a fan in your house to allow movement of air.

2. WATER: This is a big one in our practice. We only use filtered water in our colonic machines and have filtered water to drink. The filter I use in the clinic and at home is Zazen. www.zazan.com.au. This company is Australian owned and donates water filters to schools all over the country. They also have a range of shower filters which are amazing.

3. SUNSHINE: Forget all the sun fear. It’s crucially important to get sun on your skin. Most of us are chronically Vit. D deficient…hhhmmm wonder why? Could it be all the toxic sunscreen we use? Every skin tone will require different amounts of sunlight. Be sensible and take care of course but don’t hide from the precious sun.

4. WALKING: It feels good to get outside and use those legs, even if it’s cold and wet. Brisk walking is better than strolling but even if you can’t walk fast, you will still reap the benefits.

5. WHOLE FOODS: Don’s favourite topic, as well as mine! Whole foods are fresh, unadulterated, living foods such as fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices, whole grains and legumes, lean meats, raw(unpasteurized) dairy, unheated nuts, seeds and oils, unheated honey, raw chocolate…you get my drift.

6. NON-TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS: Ahuh, this is sometimes overlooked but is important to our happiness and health. Don puts it simply, “If you’re in a toxic relationship you have until 12pm tomorrow to get out of it”..enough said!

7. PASSION: Don believes that having a passion extends your life. I think we can all agree that our passions make life worth living. If we are grateful to the abundant universe for the passions we have, surely that’s the attitude to attract more into our lives. Don says to spend 30 minutes a day on something you love.

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