April 29, 2015, Reviews

Dr Chan’s feeling good ferments

We think we’ve found the best fermented probiotic drink on the market. Why? For one, they are made locally from pure Daylesford mineral spring water with organic seasonal fruits, roots and shoots. They’re raw, vegan, gluten and caffeine free and super low in sugar! Each bottle is hand made in small batches, honouring the Aztec tradition. Dr. Chan’s special Tibicos culture converts sugars into organic acids and 30 plus strains of active beneficial microorganisms, and the best thing – they taste fantastic. We love them!

Using cultured, fermented foods are a great way to improve digestion, immunity and even brain function. They’re high in minerals, b vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids and enzymes. Perfect after a colonic irrigation session to restore electrolytes and rebalance good bacteria in the gut. Great way to rehydrate after an infrared sauna.

We stock a variety of the different flavours of Dr. Chan’s, including mint and ginger, cayenne and ginger, beetroot and ginger and herbal healing.

300ml – $6.50

1000ml – $16.50

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