May 31, 2011, Information

Fat?…or toxic

One of my favourite health mentors is Dr. Robert Cassar. He lost 20kg and rebuilt his body after a car accident left him seriously injured. Before this he was living the typical American lifestyle; eating processed, acidic foods, lacking energy and suffering health problems. After spending over 3 million dollars on some of the most advanced anti-aging, healing and rejuvenating technologies, he discovered ways of cleansing and rebuilding his body so it is strong, lean and flexible. His mind is also super sharp and he believes he’s healthier and fitter now in his 50’s than ever before.

So how did he do it? He says it all begins with cleansing the toxic residue and microbes out of your internal environment by transforming it with superfoods, super herbs, special liquids and an interesting technique known as guasha(more info on the link below).

Dr. Cassar believes that fat is nothing more than yeast, mould, fungus and microbes that sit in the lymphatic system feeding on toxins(plastics, heavy metals, additives, pesticides) that creep into our bodies via the food, water, air and environment we expose ourselves to. He believes these ‘creatures’ are there because we need them to break down all this toxic waste and they in turn rob us of energy and vitality.

However, Cassar says its not as simple as just ‘killing them off’ but rather changing the ‘internal terrain’ so that it is not conducive to their livelihood. This is done by alkalising the body to produce energy and conductivity. Hydrating with mineralised water and other fluids. Eating organic, heirloom foods, exercising and stretching and avoiding exposure to plastics, petrochemicals, pesticides and heavy metals(including mercury fillings).

Check out his presentations on you tube. You’ll be captivated and inspired.