May 17, 2011, Reviews

How healthy is your protein powder?

Are you concerned that your protein powder might not be as healthy as you first thought?

Do you feel bloated, uncomfortable or sick after ingesting whey or soy based protein powders?

If so chances are you may be allergic or intolerant to one or more of the ingredients. Additives such as artificial sweeteners and flavours, whey and soy isolates, huge doses of synthetic amino acids and vitamins can wreak havoc with your digestion and health, especially if used long term.

With this in mind my quest to find a truly healthy protein powder began and to date the best product by far is Pit Bull Raw Protein Superfood Formula. It is a plant based powder that has not been heat treated so it retains all of its original goodness.

The main ingredient is bio-fermented whole brown rice that delivers 80% protein. This unique fermentation process results in an easy to digest protein powder with a full and perfectly balanced amino acid profile. Being hypo-allergenic it’s easily assimilated and utilised by the body so it won’t build up causing gas, indigestion or mucous.

Other ingredients include;

~ Brazil nut protein, which is high in the antioxidant selenium.

~ Goji berry extract, known to be one of the most nutritious(and tasty) fruits.

~ Maca powder, an ancient superfood eaten by the incas for superior strength and vitality

~ Mesquite, a nutrient rich food know for balancing blood sugar and naturally high in the amino acid, lysine.

So if you’re wanting to lose fat and build muscle, increase endurance, balance your blood sugar, stop cravings and get a boost of superfood nutrition, consider Pit Bull Protein.

You can order by phone on 03 9819 9556

400g – $55

1 kg – $100

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