April 4, 2016, Information

Infrared sauna – anti-ageing effects

Around the world saunas have been used extensively for relaxation and detoxification. In Finland, Japan, and Eastern Europe saunas are an integral part of the health and fitness regimen of many people. We know saunas are great for stimulating circulation, healing the skin, reducing inflammation and potentiating the immune system, but now there’s even more research showing the anti-ageing effects of saunas. Infrared saunas in particular have shown to stimulate the release of human growth hormone.

HGH is a hormone that is related to growth, cell reproduction and cellular regeneration. During childhood hGH is responsible for the growth of the brain and body. As we get older the role of hGH becomes more about maintaining vitality. HGH is also responsible for building muscle, which is why body builders and athletes are interested in maintaining high levels. Given the regenerative effect of hGH, it’s in everyones interest to keep circulating levels of this hormone high.

As early as 1976, studies on the effects of saunas on hGH were being conducted in Finland. They tested a group of healthy individuals before and after a sauna sessions and found significantly higher levels of circulating hGH for an hour after the session. The results were best with a 30 minute session. Over the next 30 years further testing showed the same results, even with slightly different testing protocol.

Infrared saunas are different to the normal ‘gym’ sauna or steam room. The temperature is lower, around 60 degrees celsius compared to about 80 degrees in regular saunas. But the energy waves are more deeply penetrating into the surface of the skin so the sweat is better and draws out more toxins. Our sessions are $30 – 30 mins or $40 – 40 mins.


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