May 17, 2011, Offers

Infrared sauna-relax while you detox.

Saunas have long been used for healing and rejuvenation. Muscles are relaxed and the nervous system soothed. Blood flow to the skin is enhanced, stimulating the elimination of toxins and metabolic waste through the lymphatic system.

Infrared saunas take comfort to a new level, with more mild temperatures than traditional saunas yet more deeply penetrating waves of heat energy. In fact sweat analysis studies have shown that 5-6 times more toxins are found in infrared induced sweat than in regular sauna sweat.

Other benefits include;

~ enhanced skin function and tone

~ increased blood flow and oxygenation

~ stimulates metabolism-burns up to 1000 calories/30 mins

~ breaks down cellulite

~ repaires injured tissue

~ strengthens the immune system

Infrared sauna on its own has great health benefits but combined with other detox protocols such as colonics, juicing and superfoods, amazing results can be achieved quickly, just ask us how!

Just want to try the sauna? No problem, its only $30 for 30 minutes.

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