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Introducing Serendipity Superfoods; online store here!

Hi Y’all, I just wanted to introduce my dear friend Julez and his amazing superfood range. As you can see in the top menu, you can shop online right here. We also stock the Serendipity range from our clinic so come on by and check it out.

I’ll let Julez tell you more…

Serendipity Superfoods has its roots firmly planted in the ground. Having birthed itself out of the early Melbourne Raw food and superfoods scene. Its founder Julze got into superfoods after hitting rock bottom in his diet and lifestyle. Despite having some of the knowledge about raw and fasting from his tutelage under two excellent teachers (including author and long time raw foody Sapoty Brook), Julze like many fell from grace into a pit of canola oil soaked foods and sugar drenched liquids. Upon discovering an intolerance to just about everything that he thought tasted good as well as a fast dipping state of health, he knew it was time to take action.

Which of course he didn’t. It was not until he was virtually unable to get up in the morning that he began to look into health as an option. It was slow at first opting for the lazy bottle of multi vitamins to stave off the drop in energy. It was only when his girlfriend at the time introduced him to a new teacher that the real healing began.

Having been a chocoholic most of his adult life, like most Julze adopted the Catholic (despite not being one) approach of indulgence followed by massive doses of guilt. Thinking chocolate was bad he wandered into a health shop one day only to discover a small bitter bean and the truth behind a veil of lies: “Chocolate was good for you”. This revelation sent shivers down his spine. He then began to approach his health with Cacao, or raw chocolate mixed with other superfoods and supplements. The slow climb up the hill began.

Fast forward a couple of years and having ingested these high antioxidant foods and restored his health, during the final semester of university he decides  to go completely raw. Only this time as the raw scene had changed there was way cooler stuff on offer and you didn’t just fast till 12 and then eat 6 mangoes and a salad. There were raw cakes and cacao bliss balls, way better salads and did i mention chocolate bars. Gone were the days of self flagelation. A new era or dare i say it a Rawnaissance was happening.

Julze took to this new lifestyle like duck to water and was soon part of a living food co-opperative that primed him for the revolution that was taking place.

Having now lived this lifestyle with a few slip ups (hey eveyone is human…mostly) for an extended period of time, Julze has positioned himself as 
being on the vanguard of this new lifestyle and explains the purpose of Serendipity Superfoods like this:

“I want to make such a huge difference in the lives of those suffering from sickness and disease, but more i want to change the very landscape of how we (humanity) eats. What i have found that has personally worked for me is to find the best foods that have the longest cultural history of use and to eat them all. We are quite literally perched on the on of the most significant times in history where we have the best and worst available to us individually and collectively. It is my job to steer people to making empowering decisions with their diet so they can be the best they can be. It is time for us each to step up and become the super heroes that we know we can be!”

Good on you Bro, you Rock!! Love Rosie

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