March 5, 2014, Information

Is Candida ruining your life?

If you struggle with unexplained symptoms that flare up periodically, especially when you drink alcohol, binge on sugar or when you’re  stressed, you may be dealing with candida. Candida Albicans is a yeast-like organism which normally exists in the mucous membranes of the body. When you are in balance, the good bacteria keeps check on the bad bacteria and everything functions perfectly. But when the balance is out, candida can take over, resulting in serious health issues.

Some of the symptoms you might experience with candida overgrowth are:

– Excessive gas, constipation or bloating

– Fatigue

– Skin rashes

– Acne

– Thrush

– ‘Foggy’ thinking

These symptoms are not exclusive to candida but when you’ve eliminated other possible factors or you’re dealing with more than one of these issues, it could be time to start a cleanse. Changing your internal environment through cleansing, proper diet and lifestyle is the only long lasting way to reduce candida and keep a happy balance. The upshot is glowing skin, weight loss and greater mental concentration.

What causes the balance to be tipped towards candida?

– Poor diet: high sugar, refined grains, processed foods, lack of fibre

– Alcohol(it’s all sugar)

– Medications: antibiotics, contraceptive pill, anti-inflammatories, steroids

– Dehydration

– Stress, which lowers the immune system

A well functioning digestive system is essential to keeping candida under control. Constipation, diarrhoea or irritable bowel syndrome indicate digestive distress and need to be addressed first and foremost. If waste isn’t moving out of the body, candida tends to proliferate. Because everyone is different our candida treatment starts with an individually tailored program to suit your specific condition. Your age, blood group, allergies, lifestyle will be taken into consideration to ensure the best(and easiest) plan for you.



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