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It all begins with the colon

The phrase ‘death begins in the colon’ was coined by Bernard Jensen, a famous U.S naturopath/chiropractor, who to many(including myself), was considered the ‘father’ of colon hydrotherapy and nature-cure. His depth of knowledge in health and healing always astounds me and his work in the realms of iridology, nutrition and colonics is unsurpassed.

Decades in practice with hundreds of thousands of patients all over the world led him to surmise that the accumulation of toxic waste due to inadequate and infrequent elimination produce poisons that cause all kinds of diseases.

“In the 50 years i’ve spent helping people to overcome illness, disability and disease, it has become crystal clear that poor bowel management lies at the root of most people’s health problems”. B.Jensen.

Think about it…if you are eating 2-3 meals a day and only eliminating once every 2-3 days, a build up of waste is occurring. Even if you are eliminating daily but not completely, waste will be accumulating and hardening in your bowel. The internal environment becomes perfect breeding ground for bad bacteria, parasites and fungus, which feed on the fermenting carbohydrates, rotting proteins and rancid fats. This is not good for your skin, immune system, liver and kidneys, which all have to work much harder to pick up the slack.

Overcoming constipation is one of the most important steps you can take to protect your health. The bowel needs to be functioning properly before any other healing in the body can take place. Toxic acids are normal byproducts of cell metabolism(not to mention all the toxins we ingest, absorb or inhale from our environment). When these can be eliminated freely, there is less of an impact on the system, but when they accumulate and recirculate, unable to be fully eliminated, problems arise and disease develops.

There are many causes of constipation and other bowel disorders; poor nutrition, dehydration, lack of exercise, emotional and physical stress, medications and other ingested toxins. Addressing each of these is a good start. Cleaning up the past with a series of colonics is essential in this process and makes detoxing so much easier and quicker. Often I hear people say that their detox was awful; headaches, rashes, exhaustion. This will happen if toxins are reabsorbed. Colon hydrotherapy stops this from happening by removing the toxins before they have a chance to be reabsorbed.

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