September 10, 2015, Information

Skin basics

There are some fundamental health issues that underpin all skin problems, and addressing these can heal your skin in a relatively short period of time. Generally the longer you have had a condition, the longer it will take to clear, but we have seen some amazing and fast results with our cleansing programs. Here are some of the basics that will help you get on top of your skin problems, from the inside out.

1. Toxic liver – The liver is responsible for so many processes in the body, it’s truly incredible. But sometimes it just can’t keep up. Everything that is ingested, breathed in and absorbed into the body will eventually pass through the liver. When you stop and think about that, you realise just how important this organ is. When the liver cannot break down the amount of toxins coming in, it forces impurities towards the skin for release.

2. Constipation – Imagine carrying around a wheelie bin full of rubbish? Not nice right? This is similar to what happens when we don’t have regular bowel movements EVERY DAY. If you’re eating 1-3 meals a day you need to be eliminating every 24 hours, especially if you’re eating meat and dairy. Waste that sits in the colon puts a massive strain on the body. Toxins are reabsorbed back into the bloodstream and the liver has to work overtime to purify the blood. If waste isn’t moving out of the proper channels, impurities will be pushed towards the skin.

3. Diet – ‘You are what you eat’ isn’t just an old wive’s tale. What you eat actually provides the building blocks for your cells. So what you eat, and drink really does become you.

4. Intolerances – The 3 big bad food groups which affect the skin are: dairy, wheat and sugar. They are so prevalent in the typical Australian diet that you really have to watch where they sneak in. Dairy is probably the worst in terms of skin disorders. Wheat is poorly broken down by most people and is highly inflammatory. Processed sugar is just addictive and horrible so stay away  from it if you want gorgeous skin.

5. Deficiencies – As we get older our ability to absorb and assimilate nutrients reduces. We need to have smaller more nutritious meals. I’m a big believer in nutritional supplements, but only the best, totally natural and preferably organic supplements available. Good quality essential fatty acids, red, green and blue algae, B vitamins, especially B5 are some of the best supplements for the skin.


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