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Surprising benefits of a whole body cleanse

Before I started cleansing, many years ago, I was always tired. This was the biggest health issue I had. Everyday I’d have to have a sleep in the afternoon just so I could live a normal life, but during the night my sleep was light and broken. I was also depressed, had crazy mood swings and debilitating period pain. Looking back on all these symptoms I realise my liver was in desperate need of a detox, my lymphatic system was clogged and my circulation was poor.

In natural medicine the key to good health is proper flow of energy and fluids within the body. Stagnation in any one area, say the digestive system, can lead to a host of other nasty symptoms like bloating, gas, bad breath, acne or eczema. If the liver is unable to process the hundreds of toxins that make their way into our bloodstream everyday, we can get extremely tired, depressed and anxious. The lymphatic system is one of the most important systems in the body as it moves fluid around the cells which enabling cell to cell communication. If the lymphatic fluid isn’t moving properly there is serious stagnation occurring which can affect literally every cell of your body.

The different systems that make up the human body – digestive, lymphatic, urinary, circulatory, endocrine, etc – all work together. It makes sense to cleanse, repair and strengthen as many of these systems as possible. Detoxing the 26 feet of intestine(aprox. 20ft small intestine and 6ft large intestine) is a great way to start. The next step is to get the lymphatic system circulating and filtering.  When you begin your detox, you may find toxins rapidly leaving your body. It’s important you’re eating a diet of fresh, whole vegetables and vegetable juices, whole fresh fruit in season and plenty of purified water. You may consider a 1-5 day juice cleanse having only fresh, cold pressed juices. We recommend taking specific herbal/nutritional supplements to help the liver and kidneys flush out any accumulated toxins that may be liberated from the fat cells in the cleansing process.

Some of the benefits our clients have reported after a whole body cleanse are:

  • gut health
  • digestive regularity
  • clear skin
  • weight loss
  • more energy
  • mental clarity
  • better moods
  • better sleep

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