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The 3 C’s – coconut oil, chia seeds and colonic irrigation

The 3 C’s have a remarkable effect on digestive system, particularly the colon.

Coconut oil provides essential fatty acids that lubricate the intestines as well as being anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. This means it’s great for the immune system and fights bad bacteria that can cause bloating and gas. Most people put more oil into their car than their body. Forget the myth that fats make you fat, we all need good quality, unrefined, raw oils in our diet everyday. Another alternative to Coconut Oil is MCT Oil. MCT is derived from coconut oil, and also offers various health benefits. Both raw oils can help fight bad bacteria and aids digestion.

Chia seeds are a miracle for digestive issues such as constipation, IBS and ulcerative colitis. These little seeds provide both fibre and nutrition. They contain essential fatty acids, in fact the most Omega 3 in plant source, so you don’t want to over heat them but they taste great and can be added to almost any dish. The importance of a good quality fibre cannot be underestimated. We are living in a toxic world and these toxins eventually make their way into our system. The only real solution is regular cleansing. Chia seeds act like an intestinal broom, sweeping toxins and waste from our body.

Colonic irrigation literally saved my life. As early as 5 years old I can remember have digestive problems. I would complain of stomach pain regularly and was often constipated. In my mid 20’s I found colonic irrigation. I am eternally grateful for a treatment that truly heals and everyday I see my clients experience the same positive results. For the colon to function optimally it needs to be cleaned of impacted waste, wrong bacteria and parasites. This is the first part of the process. The second stage is rebuilding the tissue, which is done through proper nutrition, exercise, water intake and even relaxation and visualisation techniques.

You can heal your body. The power and knowledge is within you. If you need to be pointed in the right direction we are always here to give you the best advice in naturopathy and nutrition.

Rosie đŸ™‚

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