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Water fasting or juice cleansing…which one is for me?

Fasting is one of the oldest healing practices known and recently it’s been getting quite a bit of media attention. Currently there is a lot of scientific research finding that fasting is indeed regenerative to the human body. We, in natural therapeutics have known this for some time. What is interesting are the different fasting methods being researched. A little while ago I saw a BBC documentary where the reporter undertook a 3 day water fast with one ‘cup of soup’ each day. I was horrified! Imagine putting a cup of chemical additives, flavours and enhancers into your body whilst trying to detox!


Strictly speaking, fasting means no food, only water. Here at Cleanse we do not recommend a water fast unless you are well experienced and then only under supervision. For the majority of people water fasting is just too severe and the detox symptoms may make the experience more difficult than is necessary. There are much more pleasant ways to introduce this process into your life and still gain the benefits.


Many people have recovered from a remarkable number of ailments as a result of juice cleansing. The body’s cleansing ability is enhanced and the immune system is boosted. By giving the body a break from constantly eating, digesting and assimilating, it can utilise that energy for other functions such as ridding the body of toxins and breaking down diseased tissue. During fasting/juicing autolysis or self-digestion occurs in cells that are worn out or damaged. As we go without food, tissues are called upon in the reverse order of their importance. Fat is the first tissue to be used. As the body utilises fat stores, it begins to eat away old, diseased tissue, making way for regeneration of new cells.


Here at Cleanse we supervise water fasting and juice cleansing. The difference between the two is the intake of fresh juices and green superfood. If you have never undertaken a detox before we highly recommend beginning with juice cleansing for 3 or 5 days. This would include each day; 2 seasonal fresh fruit and vegetable juices, 3 green superfood drinks and 3 tablespoons of chia seeds. In winter a warm vegetable broth can be included. Liver detox herbs and probiotic are also recommended. I have found the detox reactions to be much less severe with the addition of key nutrients to aid cleansing at a cellular level and also to whisk away any toxins as quickly as possible from the body.


The importance of colonic irrigation or enemas during the cleanse or water fast cannot be underestimated. It is crucial that the body is cleared of all accumulated waste, parasites and unfriendly bacteria. When waste is left in the colon it is reabsorbed through the intestine wall. This is enhanced even more during a cleanse. The body is attempting to get rid of toxins through the appropriate channels but if these channels are glued up with mucous and waste, cleansing is impaired. The toxins are then reabsorbed back into the system and cleansing symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, rashes are exacerbated. We find minimal detox reactions occurring with our cleansing protocol of juices, superfoods and colon cleansing.


Breaking the cleanse or fast is a very important aspect of the process. It should be done gently. The first day of eating should be only fresh fruits and vegetables in moderation. Proteins, fats and carbs should be reintroduced slowly over the next 2-3 days. The body is open and clean and should be respected in this state. Gorging on processed food after a cleanse is asking for trouble and can produce nasty symptoms. Fasting is a process which is developed with time and experience. One of the miracles of fasting is its ability to break patterns of poor eating in everyday life. Many people have said the experience of being clean has stopped them from craving junk food. People have turned their health around and changed their lifestyle longterm just through periodic cleansing . By eating whole foods after the cleanse the body will gain the right nutrition to continue healing and building strong tissue.


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